Unsold.com Reviews:  Deal or Scam?

Unsold.com Reviews: Deal or Scam?

In this article, we will explore the online hotel shopping experience that provides premium hotel accommodations at discount prices. 

With everyone eager to go on a vacation, it’s no wonder you’re curious about the website Unsold.com.  Unsold.com is an online discount hotel booking website that claims to have created an innovative solution for finding marked down distressed hotel inventory or unsold rooms from large hotel retailers at a greatly reduced rate.  The basic business model of Unsold.com is much like Priceline or Hotwire in that the hotel name is only revealed to the customer after the transaction has been made due to the “rate parity” that limits travel companies from showing the identity of a hotel if the price is below the retail cost.

What is Unsold.com?

For those who are looking to spend some quiet, comfy, and relaxing time on a vacation or family visit, Unsold.com offers cozy hotel room reservations at an affordable price.  Unsold.com delivers hotel rooms with large, world renowned, and high-quality hotel brands throughout the world and at a steep discount.  In addition to the inexpensive hotel rooms, Unsold.com also provides different packages as well as a variety of destinations for the budget minded traveler.  The company remains engaged in providing outstanding customer service and deeply discounted hotel stays throughout the world.

The concern, of course, is whether or not Unsold.com is a legit business offering incredible hotel pricing, or if you need to be wary of booking a package or hotel room with this company.  At the end of the day, customers want to know whether or not Unsold.com is a scam.  To answer this, we will provide a brief review of the Unsold.com website, experience, as well as pros and cons for Unsold.com  in order to help you make the most informed decision. 

Unsold.com Business Specifications

  • Website Type – Discounted online hotel reservation company
  • Company Address – 3901 NW 79th Avenue Suite 245 #1329. Miami, Florida 33166 
  • Email Address – management@unsold.com 
  • Customer Support – 24 Hour Customer Support at  https://unsold.com/my-reservations

Pros of Reserving a Hotel with Unsold.com

  • Best hotel deals and biggest discounts available compared to any other major travel site
  • Brand name hotels at a deep discount
  • Worldwide network of hotels and destinations
  • Responsive and quality customer service available by filing out a brief form

Cons of Booking hotels from Unsold.com

  • Hotel name is revealed after you purchase, per industry standards

What are Other Customers Saying about Unsold.com?

Unsold.com has over 2200+ verified customer reviews on the non-bias, well-respected, and carefully vetted independent review site Sitejabber.com. The company boasts an average rating of 4.77 among consumer rating, meaning the vast majority of customers are very satisfied with their travel purchase.  Unsold.com also appears at the number one ranked travel booking site on Travel Search Engine sites. 

Is Unsold.com Legit?

We feel it is safe to say, after carefully reviewing third-party sources, collecting independent data, and our own personal review of the website, that Unsold.com is not only a legit company, but an outstanding service and savings to travelers looking to save money.  In addition to the large number of glowing, verified reviews – we feel comfortable saying that Unsold.com is a legit company that can save a consumer a lot of money.  With ratings, reviews, and satisfaction numbers higher than the likes of Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, Orbits, Kayak, Hotels.com, and Booking.com, as well as the glowing reviews of verified customers on SiteJabber, we feel you can purchase with confidence at Unsold.com.  

Final Verdict

When Unsold.com says it has revolutionized the travel booking industry, they mean it.  With their innovative technology that focuses on unsold rooms and distressed properties, Unsold.com is able to deliver hotel rates that are far below retail prices, and it should be considered a valuable tool for all travelers.

We believe firmly that based on past customer experience, verified reviews, and a deep dive of the company, if you are looking to save money over other major travel sites online, Unsold.com is an option you can’t pass up.

  • Diane


    April 22, 2021

    Sounds like this is a great plan to take advantage of. Since our 50th anniversary will be just around the corner in another year. Does this also work with Sandals? We love the Sandals in Jamaica!

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